Deeper Waters Podcast Schedule

3/16/2013Steve Gregg on Preterism

3/23/2013Greg Koukl on Tactics.

Easter 2013Gary Habermas on the Resurrection.

3/30/2013 Rob Bowman on the Trinity

4/6/2013 Jacob Alexander on raising an Aspie

4/13/2013 I talk about JWs

4/20/2013 David Instone-Brewer on the Jesus Scandals

4/27/2013 Megan Almon on abortion

5/4/2013Nabeel Qureshi on Islam

5/11/2013Kurt Jaros of Real Clear Apologetics

5/18/2013 Justin Brierley of Unbelievable?

5/25/2013 E. Calvin Beisner on Environmentalism

6/1/2013Craig Blomberg on the Historical Reliability of the Gospels

6/8/2013 James Hannam on Medieval Science

6/15/2013 Alan Shlemon on Islam

6/22/2013 John Walton on the Lost World of Genesis 1

6/29/2013 Mike Licona on the Resurrection

7/6/2013 J. Warner Wallace on Cold-Case Christianity

7/13/2013 I give general apologetics talk

7/20/2013 Tim McGrew on apologetics

7/27/2013 Chris Winchester on Richard Carrier

8/3/2013 I speak on homosexuality and the Bible

8/10/2013 Craig Keener on Miracles

8/17/2013 Bill McKeever on Mormonism

8/24/2013 Andrew Pitts on NT Forgeries

8/31/2013 Jonathan Pennington on Reading the Gospels Wisely

9/7/2013 Dr. Freda Bush on the hook-up culture

9/14/2013 Holly Ordway on Literary Apologetics

9/21/2013 Jon Stewart of Ratio Christi International

9/28/2013 ex-homosexuals

10/5/2013 Robert Gagnon on The Bible and Homosexuality

10/12/2013 Jeff Harshbarger on the Occult

10/19/2013 Benjamin Wiker on How To Think About God On A Plane

10/26/2013 Brent Sandy on the Lost World of Scripture

11/2/2013 David Wood on the Problem of Evil

11/9/2013Greg Ganssle on God and evil

11/16/2013john Granger on Harry Potter and Christianity

11/23/2013J.P. Holding on Hitler’s Christianity

11/30/2013Paul Maier on Ancient Historiography

12/7/2013Ben Witherington on the birth narratives

12/14/2013Eric Chabot on Jesus and Judaism

12/21/2013Anthony McRoy on Christmas Traditions

12/28/2013 David Andrew Robertson on Magnificent Obsession

1/3/2014 Gretchen Passantino Coburn on the beauty of life.

1/11/2014 Clinton Wilcox on Abortion.

1/18/2014 No show due to technical difficulties

1/25/2014 Freda Bush on abortion’s medical effects on women.

2/1/2014 Mark Goodacre on the Gospel of Thomas

2/8/2014 Don Johnson on How To Talk To A Skeptic

2/15/2014 Tom Gilson on Peter Boghossian and his street epistemologists.

2/22/2014 Lynn Cohick on Jesus and Women

3/1/2014 Craig Evans on the Dead Sea Scrolls

3/8/2014 Mary Jo Sharp on Why Apologetics?

3/15/2014 Darrell Bock on the historicity of Luke-Acts

3/22/2014 Charles Hill on the early text of the NT and Canonization

3/29/2014 Round Table discussion on How God Became Jesus

4/5/2014 Hugh Ross on Aspergers and Apologetics

4/12/2014 Jay Richards on Money, Greed, and God

4/19/2014 Daniel Wallace on the Textual Reliability of the NT

4/26/2014 Craig Blomberg on Can We Still Believe The Bible?

5/3/2014 Robert Kolb on the Reformation

5/10/2014 Mary Poplin on Is Reality Secular?

5/17/2014 E. Randolph Richards on Misreading Scripture With Western Eyes

5/24/2014 Peter Davids on the Catholic Epistles. (Unrecorded due to technical difficulties)

5/31/2014 Joseph Hinman on religious experience.

6/7/2014 Abdu Murray on The Grand Central Question

6/14/2014 James K. Dew Jr. and Mark Foreman on “How Do We Know?”

6/21/2014 Braxton Hunter on The Core Facts

6/28/2014 Donald Williams on Mere Humanity.

7/5/2014 Bill Fortenberry on the faith of the founding fathers of America

7/12/2014 Mike Licona on Plutarch research and its impact on the Gospels.

7/19/2014 Paul Copan on Is God A Moral Monster?

7/26/2014 No show. Busy elsewhere.

8/2/2014 Clay Jones on the problem of evil.

8/9/2014 David Capes on the Voice.

8/16/2014 Joe Mulvhill on the pagan copycat theory

8/23/2014 Lee McDonald on the Biblical Canon

8/30/2014 R. Scott Smith on In Search of Moral Knowledge

9/6/2014 Lenny Esposito on Science and Scientism in the church and college campus apologetics ministry.

9/13/2014 Guest had to cancel.

9/20/2014 Rick Mattson on Faith is Like Skydiving.

9/27/2014 Darrell Bock on Truth Matters

10/4/2014 James Sire on his life in apologetics

10/11/2014 Graham Veale on The New Atheism: A Survival Guide.”

10/18/2014 Cancelled due to sickness on my part.

10/25/2014 Marcia Montenegro on Halloween and the New Age

11/1/2014 David James on the Harbinger

11/8/2014 Kurt Jaros on various topics

11/15/2014 Lynn Wilder on Unveiling Grace

11/22/2014 Adam’s Road on Mormonism with Musical Interlude

11/29/2014 Debate on Hell. Chris Date vs. J.P. Holding

12/6/2014 Cancelled due to sickness.

12/13/2014 Louis Markos on Apologetics in the 21st Century

12/20/2014 Paul Rainbow on Johannine Theology

12/27/2014 Bob Stewart on the New Orleans Defend The Faith conference.

1/3/2015 Jay Watts on abortion

1/10/2015 Guest had to cancel and I was not feeling well anyway.

1/17/2015 Peter D. Williams on Abortion in the U.K.

1/24/2015 Dee Dee Warren on abortion

1/31/2015 Dave Sterrett on Aborting Aristotle

2/7/2015 Werner Mischke on The Global Gospel

2/14/2015 Valentine’s Day. No show.

2/21/2015 Tawa Anderson on Worldview Thinking

2/28/2015 Justin Langford on Forgeries in the NT.

3/7/2015 John Walton on The Lost World of Adam and Eve

3/14/2015 Jerry Walls on Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory

3/21/2015 David Marshall on How Jesus Passes The Outsider Test


5 Responses to “Deeper Waters Podcast Schedule”

  1. Podcasts for the Thinking Christian | Veracity Says:

    […] so you never know what you are going to get at times, so the show comes off as rather quirky.  But Peters always manages to get the top leading evangelical scholars on his program to discuss extremel…. Nick Peters is also the son-in-law of apologist Michael Licona, perhaps the most able defender of […]

  2. “The Reliability of Scripture” by Craig L. Blomberg | Reference Shelf for the Kingdom of God Says:

    […] Nick Peters of the Deeper Waters podcast interviewed Blomberg about this book on April 26, 2014.  The episode is titled “Can We Still Believe the Bible?”  Peters’ show last two hours and is divided into six 20-minute segments.  They spent one segment on each of the six chapters.  Therefore, you can get the material on text and canon in the first 40 minutes.  To listen to the podcast, find the date and title of the episode on this list: Deeper Waters Podcast Schedule […]

  3. Mike Licona’s Research on Plutarch’s Lives Relative to the Gospels | Reference Shelf for the Kingdom of God Says:

    […] (Deeper Waters Podcast Schedule:  Mike Licona Interview:  Plutarch research and its impact on the Gospels) […]

  4. Plans After 34 Years | Deeper Waters Says:

    […] always the Podcast. I am constantly trying to get the best guests on. Next month I will be interviewing James Sire, a […]

  5. Defend The Faith Conference Day 1 | Deeper Waters Says:

    […] On our way back to the hotel, we also got to ride some with James Walker of Watchman Fellowship. Expect him to show up on a future episode of the Deeper Waters Podcast. […]

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