Apostles Creed: And is Seated

Does it really make a big deal that Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father? Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters.

As we go through the Apostles’ Creed, the next statement we find is that Jesus is seated. Now where He is seated we will get into more the next time we write on the creed, but what difference does it make that he is seated? After all, if any of us come home from working all day, we will often just sit down and relax and turn on the TV. After all, our work is done and we want to have a rest from our labors.


In fact, this is the reason that Jesus is seated at the right hand. Jesus has sat down because His work is done. We dare not lose sight of that truth. Jesus came and did the work of teaching about the Kingdom of God. His death and resurrection have paid the price for sin and His kingdom has been established. Because of that, His main work is done. He has now given us the Great Commission in the work that it is that we are to do.

Hebrews makes an important mention of this in the first chapter. Later in the book, it points out that all other high priests were continually working. They would not have a chance to sit down while they were doing their priestly duties. They had to be on the move constantly. Jesus is the only one who could sit down and the reason that he sat down is that in fact his work was done. He was the one who finished making atonement for sin. The price is paid in full in Jesus.

Another important aspect of this is that we look at the world and we know that there is still work to be done. Jesus got it established, but right now He is seated. So if it is not Him who is to do the work, then whose responsibility is it to spread the message of the Kingdom of God?

If you want to know, go look in in a mirror.

Yep. It’s your job.

That does not mean Jesus is irrelevant to it. We will do everything by the power of Jesus through the Holy Spirit, but neither will do the work for us. We sadly have this idea in Christianity that is exceptionally lazy. Who will tell us what the text of Scripture means? The Holy Spirit. I have often had people tell me that I don’t need to defend the faith. Just let God do that. I always ask the same question. “Do you take the same approach to evangelism?”

Christ is seated and has passed along the responsibility of the Great Commmission to us. While we can discuss the question of those who have never heard, it’s important to point out that this is never explicitly answered by the Bible. Why? Because Jesus has given us our marching orders. The Great Commission is Plan A? What’s Plan B? There isn’t one. There will be no excuse for failing at the mission that we have been given.

In Christ,
Nick Peters

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8 Responses to “Apostles Creed: And is Seated”

  1. labreuer Says:

    Very interesting; do you think Rom 8:18-25 perhaps gives us a ton of work to do?

    • apologianick Says:

      Yep. I think the return of Christ happens when the Kingdom of God fills the Earth at the completion of the Great Commission.

      • labreuer Says:

        Hmmm, connecting the “freedom from corruption” to “completion of the Great Commission” makes the latter seem more than just ensuring every people-group hears the Gospel…

      • apologianick Says:

        Well what do you think the Gospel is?

      • labreuer Says:

        The traditional answer is “Jesus died for your sins so they no longer doom you to spiritual death.” Such an answer, while powerful, does not include “all of creation” in its scope. Indeed, I think more than just pre-trib rapture people (I love this criticism of pre-trib rapture) view 2 Pe 3:10-12 as meaning that everything other than human souls will go POOF and get re-created from scratch. One could say that stuff survives (1 Cor 3:10-15, esp. v14), but to what extent is this really believed among Christians?

        As to what I think the Gospel is, that’s in flux. “Freedom from corruption by the finished work of Christ” would be part of that, but that’s really just half of the equation; Jn 10:10 includes human thriving and not just freedom from the thief. So perhaps I’d lean more toward Eph 1:7-10, which includes everyone and everything being reunited in Jesus. Or to invoke Plato, perhaps substance will no longer be an imperfect realization of form.

      • apologianick Says:

        I’d go with an Ephesians ideas as well. The Gospel is that God is reclaiming this world through King Jesus. The more we spread the good news, the more His Kingdom is spread as more and more people embrace it. That’s why I think 2 Peter 3 speaks of how we can speed his coming. (And I’m sure you know I in no way hold to a pre-trib view. Orthodox Preterism all the way!) This includes not just liberation for us, but liberation for all creation. (In fact, with groups like the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, Christians living under the mandate of God will treat creation better.) Do we have a lot of work to do? Yep. If we want to see this world redeemed, the fastest way to do so is by spreading the Gospel.

      • labreuer Says:

        As long as we distinguish between “Jesus came to set you free so that you can go to Heaven” and “Jesus came to set you free from sin to restore your relationship with God and give you the responsibility to do the same for the rest of creation as God’s ambassador”. 🙂 I’ve long been haunted by the following from Mere Christianity:

        If you read history you will find that the Christians who did most for the present world were just those who thought most of the next… It is since Christians have largely ceased to think of the other world that they have become so ineffective in this. Aim at Heaven and you will get earth ‘thrown in’: aim at earth and you will get neither. (134)

        The concept Lewis gives of a people become more fully alive. I used ‘responsibility’ above as a nod to Brunner’s Man in Revolt: God has given us work to do that is not just being missionaries to unreached humans. I’m not sure to what extent the above quote accurately describes many Christians, these days. 😦

      • apologianick Says:

        I can assure you I take great hope in what is coming up next in the world. God is act work and He will keep working and it is a joy to be included in the journey.

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