Book Plunge: Letters To A Young Progressive

What do I think of Mike S. Adams’s book? Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters.

I’ve often said it’s good to read people you disagree with. It’s also good to read from people you hate, and like many of you, I hate Mike S. Adams. Who doesn’t? It’s the national pastime after all. It’s also why I was thrilled to receive his book as a Christmas gift.

This had been a book I’d been wanting for a long time. I check Adams’s facebook page everyday to see what he puts up and I get a kick out of a lot of it. He’s a blunt and in your face type who’s not afraid to offend those who disagree with him. Good for him. The cause of Christ needs more like that.

The format of the book is Adams writing letters to a student in his class who he has noticed, particularly after a remark made in the class by the student. The student, Zach, is actually a conglomerate of several kinds of students that Adams has seen in his classes.

Adams also writes from experience, having once been on the side of an atheist liberal progressive who came to Christ and began to renounce his past positions. He is writing then hoping that Zach, and all students represented by Zach, will learn from his experience.

Throughout the book, you will find writing on many issues, though the most prevalent one is likely abortion, and who can blame Adams for this one? Adams is disgusted by the thought of women killing their own children in the womb and frankly, we should all be disgusted by that.

You’ll also find other topics dealt with such as handling of crime, gun control, capitalism, claims of homophobia, antagonism towards Fox News, and a modern work ethic. While Adams is often blunt with his opponents, one does not see any hostility in the letters to Zach. One instead sees a sort of kind father figure wanting to come and guide a young man on the path that he should go.

The letters are also very short which means one can easily go through them and have something to think about. Of course, this means one cannot expect to find the most total answer in every one, but one can find satisfactory starting points and the willing student is one who can search further on his own and Adams rightly recommends using books and journal articles more than internet sources and cable news programs.

There are some areas I would like to have seen more on.

First, I wouldn’t mind seeing more pushback. I did not note much resistance on the part of Zach. The reader only sees one side of the dialogue. It would have been interesting to have seen something like Greg and Ed Boyd’s “Letters From a Skeptic.”

The other aspect is that I understand letters don’t come with footnotes or endnotes, but I would have liked to have had us have some of that anyway for the sake of we on the outside. Adams makes some great points and while he does mention books, it would be nice to see more referencing of where the claims come from in case one is ever asked.

Still, this is a great book. It’s going to give the reader enough to think about and it can be read quickly. I started one day and finished the next. I got halfway through it on the first day just enjoying everything I was reading.

If this is the kind of field you’re interested in, I do recommend it.

Oh, by the way, I just want to remind everyone that I hate Mike S. Adams.

In Christ,
Nick Peters


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6 Responses to “Book Plunge: Letters To A Young Progressive”

  1. Flagrant Regard Says:

    ♪♫ And they’ll know you are Christian by your hate, by your hate
    Yes they know you are Christian by your hate ♪♫

    … such a strong word, no? (I know you must be flippantly referring to the ‘hated’ man here, yeah? Just checking!) 🙂

  2. apologianick Says:

    It’s okay. The rules in the Bible about loving your neighbor apply to everyone except Mike S. Adams.

  3. Lion IRC Says:

    You were saying “hate Mike S Adams” tongue in cheek right?
    I love him.
    I love his anti-abortion arguments most of all.

    Abortion-on demand advocate : “My body my choice”
    Mike Adams : If the unborn baby is a male, whose body does the penis belong to?

    Abortion-on demand advocate : “Men should stay out of the abortion debate”
    Mike Adams : Did you know the Roe vs Wade Supreme Court judges were all men?

  4. apologianick Says:

    You should be friends with Mike on Facbeook. You’re supposed to regularly comment on his Facebook page about how you hate Mike S. Adams. It’s a big joke there.

  5. Lion IRC Says:

    I got banned from Farcebook. (pseudonym rule)

    I said, if people can change the definition of real marriage, then why cant I change the definition of “real name”.

    Pity they didnt tell me the real reason I was banned.

    Although you can use a fake name as long as you troll Ray Comforts page, support gay marriage, preach atheism, vote Democrat, wanna legalize marijuana….

  6. Lion IRC Says:

    I loved how Mike Adams got suspended from FB (community standards rule) and the first post he made after the suspension had expired was;
    I’ve upped my community standards Facebook.
    Now up yours.

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