Book Plunge: Nobility Among Us

Is Nobility Among Us fiction worth reading? Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters.

Recently, I heard news from my friend Ben Zwycky that he had a book that was out. This came as a shock to me as I honestly did not recall hearing anything about him even writing a book. I saw the story as good news for him, but I read plenty of academic books and funds were low so maybe someday I could read his.

Until he contacted me and wanted to send me a copy so I could review it. Seeing as he was a friend, I figured I could.

And I am so thankful that I did!

Zwycky writes a book from a Christian worldview, yet the book is not at any point explicit in it. You will not find Jesus or Christ mentioned one time in the whole book. The story is lively and engaging and it is Christian fiction the way it is meant to be.

The story also has an interesting mix as it starts with a son helping his family hook up a video recorder and then starts talking about behavior at the castle and the nobility. I found this an interesting combination. The time was obviously modern, but the setting had a more medieval feel to it.

In fact, being a gamer, as I was going through the book, I could picture what it would be like to have a Final Fantasy type game based on the book. Were such a game to come out, I would be one wanting to play it. I have hopes along those lines that this book would be picked up by a filmmaker sometime and turned into a movie. I also see that this book could have an excellent prequel and probably a sequel depending on if the author wishes to bless us or not with it.

The main thrust of the story involves the viscount of a kingdom named Marcus who is a follower of the forbidden book. In an effort to change his kingdom, he actually makes a dangerous ruling where he sides against a member of the nobility in favor of one of the lowly citizens. This sets in motion a range of events that goes all throughout the book.

What will happen to the kingdom? What will happen to Marcus and his family? Will justice ever be met? The reader is taken through all the twists and turns in great detail and introduced to characters that are likable and understandable, aside from the villains of course who are understandable but certainly not liked! There are times where the technical jargon describing the equipment can get confusing and the reader can get lost, but this is something that a good reader can tolerate in getting the main thrust of the story.

I do not read much fiction as I have said, but I am thankful that I took the time to read the book of my friend Ben Zwycky. I did not know he had such a great novel in him, and I am most thankful that he got it out of him to share it with the world. Please go to Amazon and order your copy of this great book today!

In Christ,
Nick Peters

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One Response to “Book Plunge: Nobility Among Us”

  1. Ben Zwycky Says:

    Thanks, Nick, for the kind words, and for avoiding any spoilers! I did try to make it unconventional but very real, the kind of stories that I like, and I love playing around with technical and tactical ideas. I perhaps went a little overboard with the technical aspects, but I’m a technically minded guy and I didn’t want it to look like I was just pulling solutions out of thin air. A lot of effort and resources had to go into developing the tech, as it does in real life.

    The whole idea for the plot just grew out organically from a single idea for a scene, that of a crowd of nobles at a party waiting for the guests of honour to arrive. (I’m sure you recognise it from the Prologue) Who could the guests of honour be? How about lowborn girls? How could lowborn girls possibly be more important that evening than the ruling class, and what could have driven the nobles to grant them that privilege? That established the political tensions and the history of the society leading up to that point.

    Then I looked at the key decisions made at the party, and what led up to those, (this gives us the character backgrounds of a couple of our main characters), and what impact those decisions made, in the short term and immediate social vicinity, and how those ripples spread out in the long term and affected the whole society, what new possibilities and key decisions they led to and made possible, and how people reacted to them, given their cultural mindset. Those reactions feed off each other and interrupt each other, requiring new choices to be made and new ripples to be sent out, and the story flowed from there.

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