Deeper Waters Podcast 8/10/2013 Craig Keener

What’s coming up on this Saturday’s episode of the Deeper Waters Podcast. Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters.

I hope you will be listening this Saturday as we have a major guest in the area of NT scholarship that will be joining us. Craig Keener will be on the Deeper Waters Podcast and we’re going to be talking about his book Miracles.

Miracles is a book that should have a powerful effect on NT scholarship as it not only lays out a case for the possibility of miracles, by demolishing the so-called arguments that Hume put forward, but by then giving what is needed in order to have reasons to believe miracles have taken place, and that is documented evidence.

Where does this evidence come from? From a time of Keener traveling around the world and collecting miracle stories. There are a number of stories out there in fact that have medical documentation that come with them and can be verified. Not all of them can be, but Keener will also give a reason why he thinks a story is more likely to be historical than that it isn’t.

It is difficult to see how someone could walk away from a work like this without at least having it be a possibility that their approach is wrong. Most critiques of it I see seem to try to go after one miracle claim and say “Because of this not seeming accurate, the rest of the book is wrong.” It’s quite difficult to do with a book that’s over 800 pages long and has 300 pages or so of bibliography.

We’ll be discussing these cases from around the world and in fact, the lines are open so if you want to submit your own case or ask a question about a case, then we’ll be able to do that.

We also will discuss cases that go beyond healing hopefully. Keener has in his books accounts of events like weather phenomena and also accounts of demon possession and exorcism, a kind of activity that is often mocked over here but is treated quite seriously in other countries where the dark side of spirituality is a known reality.

Also will include miracles not necessarily in the faith tradition of many. For instance, if you are a Protestant, what are you to make of the healing that takes place through Catholic locations, such as at Lourdes. Does this extend to other religions? Can Christians accept accounts of healing in other religions? How would we go about verifying that a miracle has taken place.

And of course, we can discuss such objections as “Why doesn’t God heal amputees?” and “Why don’t these happen when video cameras are present?” We can also discuss the relationship between prayer and miracles, all the while making sure we avoid a kind of Word of Faith understanding.

Friends. I am really excited about the show that is coming up this Saturday and it is an honor to have as excellent a guest as Craig Keener on. The show will air from 3-5 PM EST and the call in number if you want to interact with Dr. Keener is 714-242-5180. I hope to hear from you!

The link can be found here.

In Christ,
Nick Peters


One Response to “Deeper Waters Podcast 8/10/2013 Craig Keener”

  1. cornelll Says:

    Excellent! Keener is the real deal

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