Supporting Marriage In Your Area

What can you do to support marriage where you live? Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters.

Sunday, I listened to a podcast from the Ruth Institute that really inspired me. It had someone named Tom Peters (No relation) speaking on what anyone can do to support marriage and one idea was to use social media. Now I use social media quite often but decided that come Monday, since I avoid Facebook on Sundays, that I would start up a group to support marriage in my area. Living in Tennessee, I created the group Tennesseans For Marriage.

If you live in Tennessee, I invite you to join the group and help us support marriage. If you don’t, here’s my recommendation. Start one up in your own state. If the whole state seems to ambitious for you, at least go for your city or community. There are several people out there who support marriage, as we have seen in states where this has been put to a vote. The reason you don’t hear from them could be that they are scared to speak thinking they are in a minority. A group is a great way to get people together, especially since all they have to do is like a page. They may not be able to debate, but they can see those who can and get information and support when they face the “love and tolerance” from those who disagree.

Keep in mind also that you are not anti-gay. No Christian should be. We are to love those who have same-sex attractions. What you are is pro-family. You support the right of a child to be attached to their biological mother and father. Note also then that in your groups, you should be seeking to build up marriage. What is it that is required to live a life of love with your spouse? How can husbands be better husbands? How can wives be better wives? One argument often given to us that we must admit has credibility is that the church has not done the best job of honoring marriage. While I do think the 50% divorce rate is not accurate, I think most anyone would agree in the church that it is still too prevalent and this has only damaged marriage.

Your group is also not just a Christian group. In my group, I welcome all people from all political persuasions and from all religious beliefs. I would not have a problem with an atheist joining even if they agreed that marriage is a man and a woman. This is a belief that transcends religions. It is also one that transcends politics and so once again, make sure that if you start a group, that it is open to anyone who wants to join. Be sure to support those who are out there fighting for marriage, even if they are not with the party that you normally side with.

The reality is that the facts are on our side and we can win the battle for marriage. What it will require is simply that we act. This might be a small way to start to act, but it is something, and it does not require much of you. Take your stand and support marriage today.

In Christ,
Nick Peters


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