Movie Review: Tron Legacy

Hello everyone and welcome back to Deeper Waters where we are diving into the ocean of truth! Sorry about missing last night. My wife and I went out for dinner and a movie and I just didn’t find the time. Seeing as I saw a movie, I do plan to write on it tonight as you can tell by the title. Be warned. I do have spoilers in here so if you plan on seeing the movie, just wait.

The movie takes place several years after Tron. Kevin Flynn disappeared leaving his son, Sam, behind, who has become somewhat of a renegade. One day however, Kevin’s business partner says he got a page from the arcade where Kevin worked. The arcade had been abandoned for years.

Sam puts a quarter in the Tron machine and finds a hidden passage behind it. (Interestingly, the music played at this point is “Separate Ways” (Worlds Apart) by Journey. Sam goes back to his Dad’s computer and by typing in some codes, finds that he has entered an alternate reality. He has entered the world of Tron.

Early on, after some combat, Sam meets his father who looks exactly the same only to be told that that he is not his father. Sam is then sent to a grid to enter a racing battle. Before the battle ends, he is rescued by a traveler that shows up on the track and brought to a place far away where he meets his real father. The traveler is a female named Quorra.

As it turns out, Kevin had created someone in his image named Clue to help build the perfect world. Recently, creatures had arisen out of the data in the world that were part human and part data and called “Isomorphs.” Kevin was fascinated with these and thought they would unlock secrets for humanity. There is an implication of an evolutionary process, and while Kevin is in many ways “God” in the world, he is not parallel to the God in Scripture as he is banished by his creation. Still there are parallels, with Sam being a Christ-figure and Clue being a devil.

Religious references abound. At one point in a battle with Sam, someone overseeing it tells the soldiers to meet the son of their maker. Clue refers to Kevin as a false deity that has kept them imprisoned. As said, the parallels are not perfect, nor should we expect such, but we should take what we can.

In the movie, Clue gets his hands on Kevin’s disk that contains his information. He plans to use it to open the portal to the real world and take his army there with them to eliminate the imperfections and as Kevin points out to Sam, our world has a number of imperfections.

Such dialogue can get one thinking about the problem of evil. Would it be right to be like Clue and eliminate all imperfections immediately? Kevin could be speaking in good Thomist language when he says that perfection was right before him and he never saw it. All of us have some perfection in us. We are not pure perfection, as God is, but we all have some perfections.

One other scene I must comment on is at the end so here are big spoilers. Quorra and Sam do escape and Quorra has asked what the sun is like in our world. Sam had said he’s never been asked to describe it. Sam, like us, could be taking it for granted. When Quorra rides with Sam on his bike, she looks in wonder at the sun.

I wonder how the director did that scene. Olivia Wilde played Quorra so did he have to say to her “You need to act like you’re amazed. Picture the sun as something amazing.” I thought about that thinking what a shame it would be if we had to be told that. Perhaps some of us need to be reminded how awesome it is.

Overall, this movie gives good food for thought. I do not recall any profanity and parents will be pleased that there is no sex in the movie as well. I think some of the action scenes were hard to follow, but overall, this is a good one you can take the kids to go see.

4 Responses to “Movie Review: Tron Legacy”

  1. Matthew Says:

    When I read your rant against your former church not funding your apologetics work, somehow I knew you painted to simplistic a picture of the situation. After all, any church could be accused of a misallocation of funds and not supporting its more destitute members. Now, I think it’s clear why they didn’t break out the checkbook. As if your hackneyed apologias for OT atrocities like Mosaic infanticide weren’t enough (like those defenses weren’t already available!), now you’re writing movie reviews. If this is the work you wanted to be paid for, you should be ashamed of yourself. I’ve seen nothing so far in your work that hasn’t been well covered in other sources by more professional apologists… and movie reviewers.

    Please remove my e-mail address from your lists.

    • Rational Gaze Says:

      I know what your problem is Matthew. You need to sell everything you own, give the money to charity and then commit yourself to a mental hospital, becuase you’re too much of a stupid prick to function in any form of civilised society. Why don’t you do everybody a favour, and just shut up. If we wanted to hear egotistical and onanistic psycotic hate-filled rants, we’d give John Loftus a few drinks and set him near a group of disabled people. What are you even doing here? Are you that much of a self-centred narcissist that you feel the need to witter on endlessly about how much of a piece of worthless turd you are to anybody within earshot, at great length. Just get out, you’re ruining it for all the intelligent people.

  2. apologianick Says:

    I have no email list, but I would be more than happy to block you from here.

    • MichelleMu Says:

      Well, Nick, over on the right, just below the blogroll there’s an option for “Email Subscription” where you enter your email address to be notified about new posts by email. Perhaps this is the email list Matthew is referring to?

      But, Matthew, you can unsubscribe yourself; it’s a link at the bottom of the email notification. Of course it doesn’t have the dramatic effect your one-liner above has.

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