A Case for Christian Environmentalism

Hello everyone and welcome back to Deeper Waters where we are diving into the ocean of truth! I’m going to take a brief respite from atheist sound bites to give a brief case for Christian environmentalism. Why? Readers of last night’s blog will know I presented a link to my wife’s blog that she has started. It is called Evergreen Glades and it is the blog for Christian nature lovers, which should be all of us.

My wife is quite saddened that it seems like the new age movement is doing more to take care of the Earth than Christians do. Now I’m not one who believes in global warming and neither one of us are supporters of PETA. My wife loves animals, but she also knows that if it comes between an animal or a human, the human has to come first. We are different by kind and not just degree.

However, the Bible tells us we were put on the Earth to be in charge of it. We are also told in Proverbs 12:10 that a good man cares for his beast. When Noah entered the ark, he had a number of animals with him. When the Israelites were to lay siege to an enemy town, they were given specific instructions on how to tend to the trees in the area.

All of creation is good and we should celebrate that. The Bible uses animals as examples to us as well. We are told if we are sluggards to go to the ant and watch. Jesus tells us that we need not worry if we observe the birds in the sky and the flowers in the field. God takes care of both of them. Numerous Psalms look to the creation and view it as a cause to praise God.

My wife is the strong one in this area. I’m not. I don’t like being away from the wonders of modern technology. She wants to see each of the dogs that our neighbors have. (That is also another difference. She’s a dog-lover primarily. I’m a cat-lover.) I realize when this happens that this is a deficiency in me however rather than a deficiency in nature.

Taking care of the world around us doesn’t mean being a tree-hugger or buying into environmental disaster scenarios. God is in charge of this Earth. However, knowing he’s in charge doesn’t mean we don’t fulfill the Great Commission in evangelism. It also shouldn’t meant that we just ignore the planet and say “God will clean it all up.”

I don’t consider myself an environmentalist, but I am willing to recycle and we take our bottles every Sunday to a place near our church to recycle them. I am quite cautious to make sure I don’t litter. Is there really any excuse for throwing trash out the window as you drive rather than just waiting until you get to a trash can?

None of us also want to be caught in the New Age and worshiping nature. The secret to escape this however is not to love nature less. It’s to love God more. The problem with the New Agers is that they don’t look beyond nature. They take nature to be God. They should celebrate the wonder of nature and realize the awesomeness of the God that it points to.

We Christians on any ethical duty should be putting to shame the rest of the world. We should have the new agers wanting to do as good a job preserving nature as we do. Those of you who are scientists and such should celebrate every day that you get to explore the wonders of creation somehow and get to know the God behind it, who He is, and why He did it this way.

If you’re a fan of my blog, and I hope you are, then I ask you to become a fan of my wife’s as well. She will not be blogging every day, but your support of her in what she’s doing will be a great encouragement to her. Keep praying for us as well. We’re still in a tight situation as neither of us have a job due to no one hiring me yet. God has provided thus far, but we would like to see a job come up. I would love to work for my money.

Thank you for your support thus far of Deeper Waters and again, please be a fan of Evergreen Glades.


2 Responses to “A Case for Christian Environmentalism”

  1. christiana Says:

    I am researching biblical quotations regarding caring for the planet that supports us.
    As a Cristian, I’m quite tired of some christians wasting their time and imagination on stories about the “new agers” loving nature instead of God. It is very clear you’ve met/read only the foofoo neophyte “new agers” who really don’t have a cluye even of what they’re looking for, seeing or hearing.

    Generalizations like you and other “christians’ make about those who do not speak your version of christina lingo have nothing to do with “this above all things, love one another”, or … as He did,teaching by EXAMPLE.

    There would be more love, peace and Jesus in the world if y’all opened your eyes and ears too. Maybe even open your circle of acquaintences before you call names and further bring hurt and fear into this already troubled world. Otherwise, you’re no different from those you fear and judge.

    Help us all make this a better world. For all beings. And remember, without good soil, nothing to eat. Pretty important for you and yours.

    Pax vobiscum
    (no, I’m not Roman_)

  2. apologianick Says:

    Would you care to back that charge with some specifics? Keep in mind there’s a thread at TheologyWeb.com to argue this.

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