Why Theistic Proofs?

Hello everyone and welcome back to Deeper Waters. We are diving into the ocean of truth and now, it’s the doctrine of God. Well you can’t go deeper than that can you? Charles Spurgeon once said the Godhead is the highest thought we can ponder. It’s a shame we don’t spend enough time doing that. Before we get to tonight’s blog, I’d like to present my prayer requests. First off, I ask for prayers for my developing Christlikeness. I am seeing much I need to work on still. Second, I ask for prayers for my finances. Finally, I ask for prayers in a third related area of my life.

I had intended to start going through the five ways of Aquinas today, but I did get a comment that I believe needed to be addressed before going to the theistic proofs, as I do believe that it was one that raised up a point of discussion that should be kept in mind.

I thank Joel for pointing out what was said that proofs for God’s existence does not matter much when the heart and mind are not in alignment. Now I hadn’t heard that quote, but it’s also a belief that I’m not only familiar with, but in fact agree.

What is the purpose of theistic proofs? Are we wasting our time when we do Christian apologetics? There are a number of skeptics who ask to have God’s existence demonstrated. Well why are they still out there if people think God’s existence can be proven?

I’m thinking ironically now of Richard Dawkins who is just astounded that some people don’t believe in evolution. Why? Because I do believe this goes both ways. There are reasons people don’t believe a number of different matters of fact. In the case of Dawkins and evolution for instance, I don’t believe because I don’t find his arguments convincing.

However, we all know other reasons why someone might not believe something. A husband might see evidence his wife is having an affair, but doesn’t want to believe it because he doesn’t want to face that awful truth. I have friends who smoke and I would say on some level don’t really believe it’s so harmful for them so they can keep doing it.

A large reason however lies in the area of emotions and I believe this is where atheism largely comes in. Most appropriate to demonstrate this is the problem of evil can be a convincing argument for several when it comes through emotional appeal. Consider some of the statements you can hear from Christopher Hitchens for instance arguing about tragedies and other such events and why would a good God allow them to happen?

I can understand why someone would find that convincing, but it is an emotional argument. One doesn’t often step back to ask “What is this good that we speak of? What is this evil? Is there any meaning behind anything?Where did I get this idea of deserving? Where did I get the idea the universe ought to be a certain way? Are there any other reasons to believe in God apart from this?” While the problem seems to have one facet at times, being that we don’t like something, it is actually multi-faceted.

Thus, when presenting theistic proofs, I don’t want Christians going out there thinking they have silver bullets where as soon as they present these to an atheist, the atheist will be heading for the nearest church to accept Christ as savior. The Bible also tells us that man is fallen and has great capacities for self-deception. The chief thing that keeps us from God, Christian and non-Christian, is sin.

There is also another benefit. You as a Christian yourself can have greater confidence in your faith. I’d like you to picture walking down a dark alley at night and you have no weapon on you. You have no idea who’s out there? Is it scary? Yep.

Now another scenario. You’re walking down there and you have a weapon such as a .357 magnum and not only that, you’re a sharpshooter who’s quick on the draw. It’s scary still maybe, but it’s not as scary because you can handle what comes your way.

Apologetics does that for us. It gives us confidence and can open our minds to new ways of thinking, especially about God. Even if you don’t agree with the proofs that can be given, and there are arguments for God’s existence I don’t agree with, if they start you thinking, then that is a benefit in itself.

Thus, with that caveat in mind, may we tomorrow begin looking at the five ways.


3 Responses to “Why Theistic Proofs?”

  1. Joel Gonzaga Says:

    Wow. Thanks for the response, Nick. I did not expect an entire blog in response to what I said!

  2. PDS Says:

    Good post! Your right about the magic bullet. Apologetics is a tool we can use, like good works to remove barriers for non-believers. It’s no sure thing, but is important all the same.

  3. arma 3 cheats Says:

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